Blind World

Blind World – an overview

curated by Barnabás Bencsik

Maribor, Slovenija

20 November - 18 December 2015

In his first retrospective exhibition abroad Gyula Várnai provides a wide-scale overview of his complex artistic achievement through an immense series of installations comprising existing and new works, from his site-specific wall text of a Heisenberg quotation, to light boxes, sound works, neon and video installations and transformed found objects. In his works Várnai gives everyday objects, motifs and images a poetic dimension by isolating, decontextualizing and playfully manipulating them and his works pose questions about the construction of knowledge and understanding, the nature of passionate observation, the intersections between the scientific and aesthetic dimensions, the perception of space and intangible realities, the process of sensual experiences, and the relations between the sense, notion and physical appearance of time.